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Ladismith Cheese 7Weekspoort MTB Challenge and Trail Run Postponed to 2021

As South Africa heads into the “Covid-19 Storm” we, along with our title sponsor Ladismith Cheese, were forced to make the tough decision to postpone the Ladismith Cheese 7Weekspoort MTB challenge and Trail run. With the health and safety of our competitors at the core of all our decisions, we decided that conditions would not allow the event to take place just yet. As it is impossible to predict when social gatherings of more than 50 people will be permitted, we have decided to move the event, which was scheduled for 2-3 October 2020, to a specified date in 2021.

We care about your health and well-being
As mentioned above we take great care in providing the safest environment for our competitors, crew members and support-service employees. To ensure this, we are already working on innovative solutions for hosting our future events without compromising the event-identity. It will thus be necessary to implement certain protocols and procedures to ensure safe and enjoyable events in the future. With October only three months away and lockdown regulations recently tightened, we had to take the unavoidable decision to postpone the event.

“Covid-19’s impact will still be very relevant, especially during the specific time-frame of the event and it is therefore our responsibility, as main sponsors, to first and foremost consider the health and safety of all competitors. We are duly aware that our decision will have a tremendous impact on the economy, the residents of the Kannaland district as well as all aspirant competitors. Unfortunately we had to act according to current rules and regulations” Renaldo Groenewald (CEO: Ladismith Cheese). 

Looking forward to 2021
As you have come to expect high quality events from Dryland, with many of them being a highlight on the events-calendar, it is our intention to continue to exceed your expectations. With our planning for the postponed event already underway, there will be no compromises as we plan for the 2021 Ladismith Cheese 7Weekspoort MTB Challenge and Trail Run.

Dryland, much like all companies in the non-essential industry, has not been spared the substantial and sudden negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We propose the following solutions to make this experience as pleasant as possible.

Please see your options, listed below:
1. Your fully paid entry can be transferred to the 2021 event at the 2020 rate.
2. Your entry can be sold and transferred to another party, with no substitution fee charged.
3. A cash refund of 50% of your entry will be allowed.

Your support means a lot to us
We appreciate your support as it forms the heartbeat of our events and we look forward to sharing many more memories with you in the future.

Thank you for your understanding in this regard.

Please contact us at to confirm your chosen option.

Stay positive, eat healthily and keep active!

Warm regards,
The Ladismith Cheese 7Weekspoort MTB Challenge and Trail Run Team 

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