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85 km Route Description

The main 85 km race will start at Amalienstein, 25km from Ladismith. This is on Route 62 (en route to Oudtshoorn East).

From the start in front of the old Lutheran Church, participants in the 85km Challenge will first traverse the orchards of Amalienstein Farm before joining the gravel road through Seweweekspoort. Riders in the 43km race will also get a glimpse of the Poort before joining riders on the 29km route on the trail back home. The Seweweekspoort section passes through the Swartberg Nature Reserve. At the northern exit of the Poort opening out onto the Great Karoo, riders will complete a 10km loop and rejoin the gravel road for their return through the Seweweekspoort. Riders should exercise caution as there may be light motor vehicle traffic and the leaders will encounter participants still making their way northwards to the turning point. A refreshment station and control point will be situated at the northern exit, and a second refreshment station will refresh riders on their arrival back at the start. From here, participants in the 85km Challenge will follow the same route as the 29km Challenge. From Amalienstein, riders will follow a new section crossing the R62 main route to Oudtshoorn. From here single track, jeep track and gravel roads will take participants through fruit farms in the magnificent Hoeko valley and across the Spera farm to join the Hoeko Road via Knuyswagendrift to Ladismith. Refreshment points will be stationed just beyond Spera and in Knuyswagendrift.

Distance: 85 km
Vertical ascent: 1 750 m
Start: Amalienstein Packing Shed
Finish: Showgrounds, Shalom Academy

43 km Route Description

The 43 km race, which was added in 2010, attracts well over 500 riders. The route has its first few kilometres in the Poort before hitting some sweet single track on its way back to Amalienstein. The last 25km’s follow the same course as the short race. The first part of the route through Seweweekspoort is 29km’s long and includes approximately 600 metres of climbing. The second section back through Seweweekspoort is a particularly exhilarating downhill. The third section, which is on the same route as the 29km Mini Challenge, is by no means an easy ride! Riders will cross a few streams (the water level will depend on the rainfall at the time) and enjoy some single track. Blacktop is limited to a single 2km stretch in the Hoeko valley. The most strenuous uphills are encountered in the last 10 km’s before the finish line. There are no technical sections, and all dangerous areas will be clearly marked and flagged.

Distance: 43 km
Vertical ascent: 690 m
Start: Amalienstein Packing Shed
Finish: Showgrounds, Shalom Academy

29 km Route Description

From Amalienstein riders follow a new section after crossing the R62 – this undulating route will head towards the Hoeko Valley in a Westerly direction. Riders in the 29 km race share the same route as the 85km and 43km in the last section.

Distance: 29 km
Vertical ascent: 480 m
Start: Amalienstein Packing Shed
Finish: Showgrounds, Shalom Academy


To accommodate the expected number of participants, parking has been moved to the fruit drying grounds (vrugte-droogbane) of Amalienstein. This is a secure area where parking attendants will help you find a parking spot and look after your vehicle. Late registration and an information desk will be located at the fruit packing shed next door where ablution facilities will also be available. Late registration will be accepted until 06h30 on the race morning. Please come early, as you will be able to register and from 05h30 at the start on Saturday morning. Please note that no participant vehicles will be allowed to enter the Amalienstein settlement or the grounds of the fruit packing shed. Please follow the directions to the parking area or ask an official for help. Spectators are requested to use the same route as the participants.

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